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December Sebring.. want a couple seats in C or D

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Myself and a friend are looking to run the December race at Sebring. We both live in Central Florida and are thinking of maybe buying our own car but wanted to try it out again to make sure we are not too old lol.  Ive raced for all my life, he has done a Skip Barber school.  Want to run in C or D or CE as we are thinking thats where we will be.

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Tremblay...we're in Central Florida and a few of us have put together a second car that was previously raced in WRL. I know one of my teammates sent you a message previously.

We've completely gone through the car including a new engine (details available offline), seat, CoolSuit, upgraded wheels and tires (Enkei RPF1's and 245 RS4's...not in pics), etc. We are offering seats with use of a private luxury suite and catered food. 

Only concession is that the car is a B-class car. Given the whp it made on the completely disclosed and claimed parts and the weight it's going to sit at on the grid we expect the car to be pretty damn quick and probably quicker than some C-class cars. 

We have sold out seats for the September race and are not yet offering seats for December but just wanted to put it out there if you're interested. If not, good luck finding a seat and stop by our pit at Sebring and say "hi". 



Mazda FB(3).jpg

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