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Scrap Attack civic - SOLD!!!!

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multi-event winning car....re-shelled right down to the last bolt from the old bent shell...most out west know the car....rather than me re-typing the whole description...I will point you to my other sales post...thanks for looking.




I have not done TCV calculations for 2017 as there are no Chumpcar events in the PNW but with the changes I have noticed I would put it between 400-450 points



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  • curtwill changed the title to Scrap Attack civic - reshelled...back up for sale new price $2250

the pics in the post from may 12 are with the new shell in the above link...have mint windshield to go with...not in pics...pulled it out prior..I am on the edge of pulling it back apart and selling the parts...I really cant comprehend that a car with 5 wins and many podiums may end up in the scrap pile...it saddens me for all the work I put into it.....ask Tubby at Laguna in 2015...mopar 4 life also laguna 2015...mbros laguna 2016...this car is the real deal.

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Every time this pops up I look at the map and the 6000 mile round trip isn't getting any shorter.  You now have it priced in the range we are looking to spend to upgrade from the LS transmission we currently run.  What a killer deal!  



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  • curtwill changed the title to Scrap Attack civic - SOLD!!!!

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