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That Bill Riley - He's OK !!

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I attended an event  this past weekend organized by the local Porsche club in collaboration with Riley Motorsports and Porsche of Hickory, It was a fund-raising event to benefit The Crossnore School, a residential facility for NC children whose families are unable - due to poverty, addiction, abuse, etc. - to care for them. (For an introduction to Crossnore, visit : https://youtu.be/MsaIs-EQcGw) 

As part of the event, we were given tours of the Riley Motorsports facility.  And non other than Bill Riley himself gave the tours!!  We even got to meet the REAL Mr. Riley - his dad Bob!  If you've listened to the  Dinner with Racers podcast   you'll recall Bill comes across as very down to earth.  And he is exactly like that in person.   He gave a tour of the shop taking us everywhere and showing us everything and then just  gave us permission to look around and talk with the mechanics  working  on the cars they were prepping for  LeMans..  Unbelievable the way he just opened up the whole shop for us.  The stuff they do on site  with carbon fibre is unbelievable.


After the tour  I got to talk with him a bit about Chumpcar.  We reminisced about the early Chumpcar days  and him bringing "that Damn Riley Probe" to  Roebling Road Raceway and embarrassing all of us racing neophites..   Surprisingly ,he still has the Probe and  said hell be at the VIR 24,  So be forwarned.   With the 2X rules and free stuff there's no telling what he may be bringing to the track!!


All I can say is we're very fortunate to have someone like Bill on our BOD.  A great guy who truly "gets it" at all levels of racing.

Bill Riley.JPG

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Having the pleasure to work with Bill and his team at IMSA events has been great.  He's a super nice guy and it is terrific to have him involved with Chump.  The recently published book, The Art of Winning Race Car Design, is a good read and provides lots of insight into Bob Riley and the evolution of Riley Motorsports.



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