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How to use AiM data when you never get a clean lap!

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A couple of weekend's ago, I raced the ChumpCar World Series race at Watkins Glen in the BimmerLine #336. I had an absolute blast! 


As I walked the pits, I couldn't help but notice how many people were using AiM Solos in their car. We were too! 


I don't know about you all, but as a 'data guy' who uses AiM to figure out how to go faster, it was really tough due to never really getting a clean lap.


Whether being passed or passing, the traffic prevented me from getting a true read over a single lap as to how well I was doing compared to my co-drivers. Plus I was super guilty of saying after my stint "I was on a fast lap but I caught traffic just in the wrong place!" (guessing some people may have said that too?)


Outside of ChumpCar I do a lot of work with racers using AiM, so I prepared two videos (triggered by my experience at Watkins) to help figure it out.


They are as follows;


PART 1: Getting your AiM data into a format ready for analysis



PART 2: Analyzing the data and finding improvement 


If you have any feedback on these, I'm always open to learning how I can help more.


I think it's important to note that this data analysis comes from just an AiM Solo so anyone using one can do this. 


Other helpful videos (how to download, setup measures graphs, gps lap insert etc.) are available here: http://www.jamescolborn.com/aim-data-analysis/ 



BimmerLine #336



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