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Oil temp vs water temp for megasquirt?

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For various reasons it's much easier for me to feed the oil temp into Megasquirt instead of water temp. Megasquirt uses the water temp for initial enrichment during cold start, I don't think it's being used for anything else.


Besides being slower is there any other disadvantage with using oil temp instead of water temp? Could this causes issues if a non-thermostat oil cooler is being used? 


I monitor water temp as well but Megasquirt doesn't know about it.

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Personally I wouldn't do it; engine temp needs to be within a fairly narrow range to be happy, and your A/F and spark tables should relate to that rather than oil temp. You could have an engine temp spike and your ECU wouldn't react in time to save the engine.


Find a way to monitor water temp, it'll save you a ton of work and money later on.

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