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Personal insurance

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A lot of insurance policies will not cover sports related deaths or injuries, such as racing, sky diving, etc...

Luckily mine does.

They do not check insurance...

As a car owner, I couldn't care less whether you have insurance or not... As a renter, before you get in my car, you sign a lengthy rental contract, most of the length re-enforcing that you are racing, you could die, you could be killed because of your own actions or others, etc... and that you and your relatives release me from anything.

This was drawn and reviewed yearly by a personal injury lawyer that has personally won multi millions of dollars in several cases successfully suing Bombardier (ski/sea doo), so I am pretty confident in it.

Additionally you are renting from my LLC which has 1 asset... the car.

Also, you sign a waiver when entering the track. Technically, that waiver not only covers the track, it also covers the drivers, car owners, etc... as it basically states you might die and you know it.

Racing is a dangerous sport. While overall history in CCWS and others is good, it doesn't mean that at any time something, your fault or not, may go wrong.

Hope this helps some... Be safe, have fun!

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2 hours ago, notbob said:

As a car owner, I could care less whether you have insurance or not... 

The language in the rest of your post indicates that you actually couldn't care less because their insurance status won't affect you.

Sorry, pet peeve.

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