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Team Hugh Jass


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1992 Mazda Miata NA, #337




Alex Albert* (Virginia)

Jim Albert (Virginia)

David Ellison* (Tennessee)

Tom Ellison* (New York)

Travis Floyd (Ontario, Canada)

Nate Franklin* (Pennsylvania)

David Haines (Brisbane, Australia)

Justin Hall (Florida)

Alexander Klenk (Virginia)

Juergen Klenk (Virginia)

Evan Merrill* (New York)

Devon Peters* (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Matt Ross (Virginia)

Chad Royer (Pennsylvania)

Aaron Thacker (Texas)

Jeff Tyler* (Washington DC)


*Have driven for team in a ChumpCar event


Team History


This team has a slightly unusual background, in that it existed in the virtual world over a year before making our real world debut in ChumpCar. We are all members of the Reddit iRacing League (https://www.reddit.com/r/RiL/) and created Team Hugh Jass to compete in the special endurance races that iRacing runs a few times a year. We had decent success and developed a strong team ethic and camaraderie, despite being from disparate parts of the world and only communicating online. It was during one late night race session that the concept of operating a real world racing car was first raised and, following some more discussions, we teamed up to buy a local Spec Miata and set about converting it to ChumpCar Class A specification with the ultimate goal of competing in a real 24hr race. You can see more about our origins here:

Our first race was the 12 hours at VIR South. This was intended purely as a learning experience and test session to understand how to adapt our virtual experience to a real world environment. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Some highlights of the event can be seen here:


We completed our first year goal of competing in the Lifeline 24hrs of VIR in August 2017. This was an incredible experience for all concerned - the car and team both performed above expectations and we were running 1st in Class A after 23 hours when the differential cried enough and we had to retire. We had still completed enough laps to be classified 4th, and the disappointment of the result has only strengthened our resolve to return to the series stronger and more focused to achieve success in future events. 


For further information about the team story and origins on iRacing, Doc was good enough to grant an interview to the team during the live broadcast of the race, and our resident Canadian Devon Peters gamely stepped up to the plate. We hope this story interests some of you about iRacing and, particularly, getting younger members invested in the series. Any questions, please let us know!



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You guys looked really good at the 24 this past weekend and I was pulling for ya to bring home the class A win. You'll certainly be tough competition when the series returns in December. Good to see fellow Iracers getting interest in the real deal as well. Hopefully, we'll be on the track with you in December to run with you. 


Jacob Fyfe

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Team update: This summer we were fortunate to be featured in a ChampCar vlog, detailing our history and beginnings in iRacing, and explaining a little more about the sim:



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We've recently launched a new podcast, covering the latest news in global motorsport, updates from our own racing adventures, and interviews with members of the team and listeners. The most recent episode (#2) features an in-depth look at ChampCar, so is definitely worth a listen. 


You can access it through Spotify, the hosted website, or by importing the RSS into any third party Podcast player/manager.


Let us know what you think!

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