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After racing - professional and club for 19 years - I am now going back to Charter Fishing.  My job as a racing technical director for a pro series is feeding all my racing needs and my ex wife wants all the race stuff out of her house!  I hate eBay and Craigslist - just too busy to keep on with selling one item at a time and my landlord sold my rental building so I must move out immediately or sign a 12 month lease with the new owners.


Right now everything is in a 2500 sq foot race prep and build shop located in Jupiter Florida near PBIR.  It is full of parts for 3 cars - all in the build process that I have not touched this year.  I have used eBay since January so it's not everything you need to finish the build but I would rather sell super cheap then move into storage and continue working online selling.  It fishing in the Bahamas or eBay.


I don't have a complete inventory but the parts still available include a BMW E36 rolling chassis that can go M3 or 328 that has a crazy amount of work done on it - but way more to do - than completed.  Same with a E46 that is stripped and has about $20k in new parts setting in bins including a stroker kit and a huge amount of great condition used stuff. Has body parts to go M3 or 328.  I have engine parts, Four E36 (almost) race heads that are really used that all to be finished or reworked, racing valves, springs retainers, used pistons, some new, cams, but no blocks or engines (and I cant remember what any of it is - so you need to know). Four new 5.5 race clutches.   Also have tons of used Euro M3 E36 parts - chassis parts, some engine parts, two ecu's and a stand alone DTA ecu. 


I have a 24 foot Pace trailer that is pretty beat up looking but in good mechanical shape with new tires and hubs (just towed cross country and back with no issues). 


Tons of tools both general shop tools, fab tools and BMW specific tools for engine building and chassis maintenance . Selling the tool boxes, shop cabinets, fire proof cabinets and bolt bins as well.


Also TIG and MIG Welders, Hydraulic tube bender, fab table, jet saw, engine stands, engine hoist, jack stands, racing jacks, shop stereo system, security cameras can go after all sold.  I have enough pit equipment for two cars including radios, repeater system with antenna, cool suit boxes, some crew clothing, 6 NASCAR Hurd guns (big money boys) all are new or rebuilt, a few hoses and regulators, used crew helmets, fuel jugs, fuel buggy with $1K fuel transfer pump, Imsa fuel rig, scale pad, pyrometers, digital tire gauges shock gauges, tire moisture meter, tire dryer, unbuilt tire rack and some hospitality equipment (plates, silver, food baskets, hot plates, micro wave, generator, 2 small refrigerators, table covers...) 17 years in the collecting racing stuff.


Interested in cash, chump car rental seats, trades and I am selling at .10 on the dollar if you buy a bunch of stuff.  I have a dropbox with photos of many of the items. call me 561-921-7903 and talk to me about which lot of items you are interested in and I can send you a link to the photos as I can't get them to load here.

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1 hour ago, Jay Mauney said:

call me 561-921-7903

Lots of distracting stuff going on here right now and not into your chosen breed of cars but being a nearby racer I feel it a honor if it would be possible visit/see see if there is something that we have to have.


If someone needs emergency temporary storage for a car (1) or some parts/equipment to be held or something smallish to be delivered to sebring september they need to coordinate with me and the seller.


Edit: Great talking to ya!

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4 hours ago, dogtired said:

E36 diffs?

I do have a built diff. and will sell it to you.  I will look after the holiday and report back with the specs.  Thinking it is a 3:64 and it was built by Rick Wornawski at Black Forest in Deland.  P


1 hour ago, Crank Yankers Racing said:

E36 parts......especially those of the m3 family

Please text me at my phone number 561-921-7903  so I can keep track of your request there as well.  


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4 hours ago, mindspin311 said:

Interested in the E36 parts, need to get a link to that dropbox folder.


5 hours ago, theblue said:



5 hours ago, theblue said:



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