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Looking for a team for Laguna Seca in December, Sonoma in February

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Stranded!  The team car owner (awesome guy) is moving toward the East Coast and taking his car with him but I want to keep racing.  I’m looking for a good mutual fit so here’s the sales pitch: 





I’m a ‘no contact’ driver, but know how to pass and never black flagged.  I pride myself on consistent, smooth laps and bringing the car home.  Having said that, I’m still usually within a second or two of the quickest driver, never the slowest on the team.  Enjoy working pit stops and pit strategy.  References available. 


In 2017 I’ve driven the following events with Team ‘On Second Thought’, Car # 141, Black 1991 Miata: 

  January:  Lucky Dog, Laguna Seca

  March:  Lucky Dog, Buttonwillow (24 hours:  4th overall, 2nd in class, 1st Miata)

  July:  ChumpCar, Laguna Seca


Other experience – Spec Miata (Mid-west region), shifter karts (SKUSA, WKA), NHRA Super Comp, and former test driver at Ford Motor Company. 


Coach – I’ve seen a lot of corners and passed a lot of cars on a lot of tracks. 


Link to photos – http://bit.ly/2fsCsWd






Simple – you’ve got a competitive mindset, are self-aware, and have a positive enthusiasm that permeates through the team.  You may not win all the time, but the car is reliable and typically finishes races. 


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