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Maxxis Tires Customer Service?

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I went on the Maxxis tires website to order some tires, and they don't have the size I need. I had previously order the tires, so I sent them a email. After a week I still haven't heard from them. So I called them and pressed the buttons to try and get a human and it circles around and tells me to go on the website and then hangs up. Does anybody know the number to actually talk to a human being?

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Have done business with them only once, opposite experience,  last monday:

Called, spoke to a human in tech support, visited the website, ordered 2 tires individually/2 separate orders(damn overlimit CC) then called again, another human in billing/shipping...very helpful


Had tires by Thursday, raced sat.

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On 9/29/2017 at 4:27 PM, pintodave said:

Off topic-ish - thoughts Maxxis vs star specs? I'm not loyal to a tire brand, I'm just loyal to quality/lap times so if they are comparible then supporting a sponsor would be nice.

Nitto NT05 315's would look pretty badass on there... Should grip well.


Hope they do anyway. 

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