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Hello All,

I would like to throw my name into the hat for BoD nomination.

Troy Truglio

Member number CC000261

(MR2 Biohazard)


Here are some bullets on myself and my thoughts for the future

-Focus on keeping car counts high and costs in line to keep CC viable and stable long term.

-Have rules that make sense and get rid of rules that just do not make sense. Long term stable rules and if there is a change it will not hurt current or future teams.

-Make sure we continue to focus on safety and have improvements and suggestions. (I would like to see an egress test for each driver and have a sticker when you do your annual gear check, maybe even with a helmet bag over your head to make it like a real world scenario). It scares the heck out of me to think one of us could be stuck in a car on fire.

-To make sure we do not lose focus on the non pointy end of the spectrum cars and teams. Make sure the mid pack teams have a chance to have the epic battles and feel just a part of the process and experience as the teams up front. We all want and deserve to have a great reprieve from our daily stresses and supplement them with all new race car stress.

-Overall winner and the main class, but also other classes based on points instead of displacement so we can have a progression through the levels over time for teams. 3 Classes based on points. This would not make it classes like WRL or AER as we still have the main group of overall class, but would be much more inviting for new teams to get their feet wet and get the CC experience and then over time can upgrade and move up as they want. I have pondered this change for a very long time and have a detailed planned for a rule change. PM if you want it and your input would be great.

-Make sure our rules do promote racers from others series to come over to us as we want to make sure we are not on an island with our rules. CC members can cross over to them, but we should have a way for them to cross over to us.

-Promote reliability items in the rules. In the past we punished for having items that would make our engines last the distance and should promote this on many levels. We are all at the races to be out there racing and to be safe. If our cars finish instead of blowing up then we had a great time and great memories. If it blows up then the experience is not positive and that team or drivers might not come back. I also feel a blown up engine on track can cause a major unsafe situation on many levels, fire for the driver and car, EMT crew out there with cars passing by, oil on the track can cause accidents.

-I would like to see the mentor program be expanded really shine as I see this as something that can help new teams come into CC and also get them as prepared as possible to be ready.

-I would like to see more specific rules on passing and edict of expectations for when to pass and how and what to look for. I know a lot of us take it for granted over time, but new drivers could use some assistance to know what to look for and what to do.

-That is some of the ideas I have and would like to see going forward. I do always try to think of how changes or not changing with effect chumpcar members and try to come up with ideas that can appease almost everyone. Sure, I know, it is not realistic to try to make everyone happy, but I think we can pretty close if we have an open mind and really ponder good ideas.


Some things about -

-80+ Chumpcar Races

-Chumpcar racers since 2010 (started in Lemons in 2008)

-Founder and Board of directors member for 5 years on a non profit mountain biking/ hiking organization. We started a local organization to promote environmentally sound trail usage policies and worked with local governments and agencies for access and education. It went really well and has grown. I did 5 years with it as my stint and only gave it up because I felt I had to focus on racing and building cars, but I am proud of what it has become still.

-44 years old, raced Motocross until crashes started to hurt too much and too long. I also mountain bike to stay in shape now and go to the gym a few times a week, when I have time.

-Obsessed with cars, almost all the time.

-Bachelors in Biology/PreMed from George Mason Univ

-Master in Education with endorsement area Secondary Science to teach High School Biology and Chemistry.

-Been Married (happy most of the time) 16+ years

- Two kids 6 (Mya) and 4 (max), lizard Spike, Cat Lugnut. 

-Day job for 20+ years at the same place - Insurance Agent (I know, the race car driver insurance agent)

-I deal with all different kinds of people and personalities at work on daily basis and have strong people skills, diplomacy when needed, negotiations, time management, etc.  


Thank you if you read all this,



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22 hours ago, KSRD said:

I would most definitely vote for Troy.. The US ambassador who ventures up north to play with us. I always look for the green beast at events. When is the this vote... now i'm really interested.


I try to talk people into coming up to Mosport each year. People are sleeping on how amazing Mosport is and the balls it takes to take fast there. One of my top 5 favorite tracks.

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 You may have addressed these .. 

These questions are the main issues today with CC.

 Fuel, open tech sheets, cost creep, etc. I don't see any of your responses addressing any of these.   I would be happy to vote for you if you have a long term vision that is similar to mine.  

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I think did answer most of those in that other thread, but sure I will touch on them here.


On Chumpcar vision I see it as a starting point for a lot of people, me included. I did lemons and stepped up to CC after as they were about the same at the time. I have also done NASA TT events, become a NASA instructor, NASA competition license, but still mainly do CC for the pure enjoyment of racing, building the car and hanging out with friend and teams at the track. I still think CC needs to make sure we are open to new teams and new drivers as that is what we are all about and with our current speed creep and cost creep it it can seem daunting to a new team or people looking at CC, but there are solutions without changing the world and keeping the rules stable. I think the rules are really good now, but we can change some things to continue to progress and adapt to the needs of members.


On that I think we should have classes based on points, yet still focus on the overall win and with the right rule written it can do just that and have long lasting benefits. I have worked on a proposal for just this for a long time and think I have it pretty good now and have taken input from a lot of teams and people on it. I also walked the pits at PIRC and asked a lot of teams some questions to get their feeling and input. The few things I noticed is that when you ask them how they are doing they say two things, 1- We are in X place overall and Y in class, of they would say 2- We are in Y place in class. I think it matters to them and they all want to race, even mid pack and have that epic battle. I also asked them 3 basic questions- What class they are in currently, what points they are at and what lap times they run. There is a good strong correlation to lap times and points as the rules we have now are really good so it makes sense that points equal speed and did in all the teams I talked with . I also asked them if they would like to have classes based on points and how they would feel. Every one said it made sense and they would like it. I tried to ask people at the races as only a small percentage of teams are on the forum so this input was really good to have. As a BOD nominee I think it is the purpose to make sure we are looking out for the best interest of the series long term and I try to do this and get input from teams and people from a lot of different avenues


On the classes I still think we need to have the overall win and with points based classes the overall would still come from the top class so it would not change the racing we have today for that at all. We would have the battles throughout the field and that mid pack section can be lost and forgotten.   The benefits are numerous though and here is my thoughts why.


1-Overall is still what we have today and we have epic races today.

2- Invites new teams to the series and here is why.

-As a team comes to CC if we had only one class and only the overall our speed and cars today can overwhelm a new teams hopes or thoughts that they can compete without spending tons of money(cost creep).

-If they had a progression to enter and feel like they could compete and do well over time they will want to come.

-Example- A team buys a Miata, puts a cage in it, seat, belts, fire ext system, good brake pads, tires, but with zero point mods to add. They want to race. They have zero chance of doing well in a race today and would be mid pack at best. Now if they are in a class with less than 400 points they will at least start out with similar speed cars and have people to race and if they have good strategy, good drivers, reliable car and luck they can do very well in class. This is inviting for new teams. 

3-Teams will have epic on track battles with similar speed cars in pack and we all want great racing.

4--Costs- teams can stay in the lower point classes that have much less cost to upkeep at the lower speeds and have just as good time or even better. I personally love driving a slower car and pushing it for all its worth every lap and having those great laps and fights.

5-As teams want to add mods and go faster they would add points and move up classes to compete there. The progression would be very nice.

6- A team could move up classes even if lower in points as they want. Also, if a lower class car won the overall they would be moved up to top class, just for that race.


The downside is people that want only a single class without sub classes as they see it as one class and overall. I get that as with my car I race and go for the overall win so the classes do not effect me and would not effect them or diminish the current racing. I am trying to think what would make the racing better for all of us, not just the top cars up front, and what would invite future teams long term. I do not think there is ever a single answer that will make every single person happy, but have to think about the best practices overall for CC and the long term viability of the series. 


On cost creep I have seen it myself as I have seen people going much faster. I am not sure what teams are spending now, but I am not sure which parts of costing more. I know we have consumable costs that are more now. Tires, brakes, gas and entry fees are all more now than the past. On cost items to compete I have seen teams spending a lot more on engines and mods as such, but I think the rules on these are pretty good to keep costs in line with using points to gain advantage. I also think if we have classes teams that do not want to spend money and points to be at the pointy end of the field have the opportunity to have epic racing without spending tons of money.


On open tech sheets I go back and forth on it and see the pros and cons of it. I know you have been really pushing hard for open tech sheets for years and I think it started out as a certain team or teams have many many items not declared on tech sheets in the past. I saw oil cooler, trans cooler, dif cooler, alum rad, adapter, pulley's etc.


-I like the transparency of it and I think it could deter people from cheating or going deep into the grey area of rules.

-I would like to see what others have done and why on their cars to get ideas for my own car as it would be easy to get ideas


-I can see it as a witch hunt to get someone for anything- Example- Someone could get a measuring tape and say your plywood is 3.7 sq feet and you only claimed 3.5 points so we got you on .2 sq feet and DQ. I do not think that is the spirit of CC and fun racing, but I get it.

-If someone has a specific way of doing something and it is declared that is their advantage and should not be just given away if within the rules

-I can see this putting CC in a negative light if some small issue came up and someone was DQ'ed over a technically that they might not have know. Look at the spec miata debacle in SCCA that almost every top was was DQ'ed due to a valve to low or something. Now that series looks horrible and we do not need that type of public image.

-I can only imagine what might happen to the tech officials and questions they would get from how many people saying this should not be this way or that way and imagine how many of those people might not know the specifics of what they are talking about.


I think this should be a good round table discussion and further discuss the long term specifics of it as I do not know if there is a perfect answer on this one for all of the cc members.


On fuel- I think we should have a limit to 93 octane and think 99% of teams do that now. I am assuming you are talking about that. If you need to run 110 octane fuel then you did some major modifications to your engine and that is not in the rules and should be a dead giveaway that things are done to your engine. I do not think it should be allowed and need to say no to keep costs in line.





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