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1995 Neon ACR w/ log book $700 in WI (blown engine)

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Chump neon that we have been running a few years now up in Wisconsin.  Fast lap around RA is 3.04 and we just ran at Gingerman a month ago and had a fast there of 1.56.8.  Car has been reliable, any DNF's were our fault on the maintenance side (had a bad oil overflow connection and ran it out of oil at RA in 2015, bad radiator cap at Gingerman last month and blew a headgasket.  Both of these engines can be included.)  It is good on brakes/tire wear and we have updated it to the plastic tank of 98 neons for longer stints (better fuel pick up) and has been modified to fill quickly during stops.  We run the stock 2.0L engine and it is ready to race right away, we are probably going to run it at Road America in a couple weeks if we do not have our other car ready in time.


Asking $3,500 (now $700, blown engine)


Email is jwc4th at yahoo  Thanks!



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On 1/9/2019 at 1:18 PM, Black Magic said:

Do you come out east\south east for any races? I am in the Carolinas and have a partner team in Indy. We all run neons. If we could get it closer.....


For anyone else, would be a decent starter car.

14 hrs there, 14 hrs back.


In Alberta, we drive that far to get milk and bread. :P

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