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Very Experienced Midwestern Writer/Racer looking for a seat at Laguna Seca in Dec.

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Racing and instructing for over 45 years (yeah, I'm old), many race wins, 8 season championships, not too many busted cars. Experienced in all kinds of racecars, love to drive, easy on cars & teammates, can do semi-decent wrench work when necessary. Also "World's Fastest Novelist" (I wrote "THE LAST OPEN ROAD" book series & write a column, features & race reports for Vintage Motorsport magazine). Have a little experience at Laguna but not much. Looks like I'll be in the area around then & thought I'd sniff around.    

Burt in a 900hp 200+mph Shadow DN4 at Road Atlanta April 22, 2016.jpg

Burt in a pre-war MG racer at Watkins Glen.jpeg

Burt in the Revs Institute Ferrari 250LM at Roebling Road Raceway.jpg

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Burt has raced with us for quite some time. As he says he has only broken our car a little bit, but then he made matters worse by trying to help fix it. His major drawbacks however are that he has no stomach for chili and he is BORING


Seriously, he is a very good shoe, easy on the equipment (if not the eyes) and a great deal of fun to be around.

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Hey Burt,  2 friends of mine that I use to race with drove  the Shadow UOP cars  (Jean Pierre Jarier  &  Randolf Townsend).    Do you own the car in the picture now?  Another friend of mine has 1 of the UOP cars now.  I can't believe how massive those Dodge motors were.  Good luck finding a ride.  

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