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Very experienced driver looking for a seat

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I am a driver in the Dallas area looking for any kind of race seat. I have tons of driving experience. I was one of the top drivers on the UTA formula SAE team, I always set competitive times. I am a driving instructor at both Eagles Canyon Raceway and MSR Cresson. I have raced in 4 Lemons races, 2 at MSR Houston, 1 at Eagles Canyon and 1 at Barber. Set the best time in the class but have not won due to mechanical issues. I’ve driven every track in Texas but Harris Hill. I dive a 2002 Miata as my daily/track toy. I set fast lap times at the tracks I drive for a Miata with 200 treadwear tires. I am young (22) but I am a very smart, clean and competitive racer. I am also very mechanically inclined, having done countless repairs one formula sae cars, my cars, and the lemons cars. I am a super laid back fun person, but very serious when it comes to racing. I also have some drifting experience, so I am very skilled and fast driving in the rain. ( I am very good at handling oversteer situations.) The big kicker however is I really don’t have much money since I am in college still. So a super cheap seat would be ideal. Thank you!

Contact me at


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