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Any seats available at LVMS this weekend?

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I am looking for an arrive-and-drive seat for LVMS this upcoming weekend. I am just trying to get a feel for the series so I'm not terribly concerned about fighting for the win or anything like that. I do care about reliability and would expect a refund arrangement if the car retires before my stint(s) are over due to something outside of my control.


I haven't ran Chump Car before, but I used to race Spec Miata and did lots of track days. I'm also an engineer and specialize in vehicle dynamics, so I've had lots of car control training and development driving experience. I don't claim to be the world's fastest driver by any stretch but I think I'm safe and can give good chassis feedback. I don't have a "driver resume" but I could put a prospective owner in touch with folks I've raced with previously, if needed.


I would suggest email to get in touch, my email is my username at gmail.com.

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