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Informal nominee meet-and-greet / Q&A at RA Central Chumpionships

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It looks like a few of the members that have been nominated for a BoD position will be at Road America this weekend for the Chumpionship, either working or racing.  I know that Jeff has already offered up his availability, I am also open for questions or just to say hi so that you all can put a face to the name.


Is anyone interested in an impromptu, un-official round-table of sorts?  A Q&A session, or simply a chance to meet those who would like to serve on the board?   I'd be willing to use my team's paddock area as a central meet-up location (near pit #24, listen for the blender after hot-track hours, also happens to be right next door to Premium Dudes) Friday or Saturday early evening.   



I will be there with Dirty Side Down Racing/#723 in Pit 24.


Other that I am aware of will be there

@enginerd - Nate / Premium Dudes (pit #23)

@JDChristianson - Jeff / helping to herd all of us cats



Anyone else who's made the nominee cut going to be at Road America this weekend?   




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  • Technical Advisory Committee
6 hours ago, Eman911 said:

Jeff, you better shower and get a haircut before you leave. You know what the focus group had to say about appearance.

We never said anything about Jeff's appearance. 🙈

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