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Pimping the Shark Sebring 12/29

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Title says it all, looking for a 3rd and final driver.


What you get:

A good chance to top 5  in a car with multiple class D wins 

2 stints (better part of 4 hours) driving a sorted strong RWD car

4 new tires/ front brakes  (5th @ last Sebring with used brakes and only 2 new tires)

Easy to drive, car not trying to kill you/predictable/smooth/no need to shift (still sporting a slushbox)

Low pressure team


What we expect:

A driver with many hours W2W in RWD

That you bring back a car in 1 piece, crash it, you fix it.


Comfortable with a big car

Chump experience, prefer Sebring experienced

Follows instruction  i.e.  "watch gauges"

Easy going


*Note* This car has a decent history and is heavy on consumables, pricing will reflect...


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2 hours ago, Team Infiniti said:

 The finishing order was quite a surprise, congratulations to Phillipe and team! 


 Luis prefers to stay home in Mexico City with family for the holidays, me, Mike and an excellent, very adaptable  hot shoe.




Familiar looking guy. 



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