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E36 Parts (suspension, brakes, engines)

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I need to start cleaning out my garage and basement.  After selling one of the E36 race cars i have some parts left that I was going to use in it.  


BC Racing DR coilovers. not their base model set up.  Front has camber plates.  Front spring rates 600, rears 750.  They have 4 track days on them and 0 street miles.  Still in new condition.  $700 was $1250 new.  


I have two M50 engines.  One is complete with manual wire harness, intake manifold, accessories, DME, Oil pan etc.  140k Miles ran great.  $350

The other engine is a bare long block but does have a oil pan and valve cover.  170k miles ran great.  $200


I have piles of stock 325 hubs, trailing arms, calipers, some mis-matched wheels with tires good for storing or moving a car, Make offers


Manual pedal set- $75


6 Bolt M3 Driveshaft $100


lots of other stuff.  


Located in Shelton, CT.  Call/text 203-331-2338 for fastest response. 

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