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We all know how cool it is to have that shirt that shows you knew the band before they were popular, or have the old school logo hat for your favorite driver etc.  Well, you too can be that cool with......a vintage, old school Chumpcar pop-up tent!


As we are working hand in hand with ChampCar to help with the printing needs involved with the name change, we find ourselves looking at a few tents that are going to be obsolete.  As such, I would like to offer these tents up to the members well below our cost, as opposed to having them collect dust for years to come.  If you have seen our tent at one of the events, you know these are definitely not the $89 Dicks Sporting Goods specials, they are by far the nicest pop-ups I have ever seen.  


These are new, still in the box and available for $650 + Shipping.  Check out the link below to get a better feel for the tents and feel free to ask any questions you may have.







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