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Formed in 2013

Based in Birmingham, Alabama

Burningham Racing cars:  Burningham Porsche 944 (retired) and Burningham Lexus SC300

Team members: Casey Hooper, Rick Teer, Jorge Pino, Austin Vernier, Tiffany Alexander, Cary "Snooky" Hill, Rodger Coan, Chris Preston. Others who have helped us at certain races: Scott Elmer (Cone Crushers), Chris Huggins (Pinkies Out), and John Hurley (Danger Racing).

Team History in attached .pdf file

Burningham history rev 2017.6 compressed.pdf


Champ/Chump Races: 


2013 - VIR South, Daytona, Sebring

2014 - VIR 24, NCM, AMP

2015 - NCM, Barber

2016 - COTA, Barber


2016 - Daytona, NCM, COTA, Barber (win)

2017 - COTA, AMP (win), Barber (2nd)

2018 - Road Atlanta, Daytona, NCM, Barber, Sebring

2019 - Indy, Barber

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