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13 minutes ago, Burningham said:

What the hell is a Twitch anyway, man I can't keep up with this stuff.  Last I knew twitch was something they were complaining about some chic named Miley Cyrus was doing on stage. 


You kids get off of my lawn......




Now if you'd just learn to drive like a slow grandpa you'd be doing everyone a favor

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this shit is changing hourly. keep your links to twitch for now and we will see how it goes.  I would prefer YouTube over twitch and facebook. It is just a cleaner feed and we can control the resolu

Subbed everyone so far.   Here's mine:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdamEfeopwt-Rh3ItKFGCdg   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6m4SxPpIxXN8JxpgkVx65w https://www.youtube

Inglorious Basterds  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrmENStCBJQTgPh0etyRiw/live About to spam everyone with a follow

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We tried to get the Youtube stream setup and apparently it keeps saying that we can't use it without being a "youtube partner".  not really sure what that means.  Anyone else have this issue?  Using Liveshell.2. We can’t even get an output option for YouTube with our setup. 


we’re probably just going to use our twitch since we have a prime account and no commercials and the fact that it seems more stable than even the old racecast stuff. 





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Everyone has been added


Our channel is a mix of car related things but of the last few years it seems to becoming all champcar from here on.


A little love plz

If this it the right link I do not know


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44 minutes ago, Snake said:


You need 25 subscribers to broadcast via mobile device  


Thanks, was not aware of that. We need some more subscribers can some of y’all help?  Link is in earlier posts but will look it up and repost here. 




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