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Not so Champie? engine package for Honda Price drop

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Selling complete swap with engine, tranny, shift linkage, Raxles axles, oil cooler, chipped ecu, wiring. Ran the motor for 2 races in another low cost racing series.  Moving on to a 2.4l next season so this this has to go.  Drop this into your civic...  Motor runs and shifts great.  Base motor is a B20 which can be had for under $500 so, replacements are cheap and plentiful. Motor has a flat torque curve and is super easy to drive.



JDM B20 high comp procured from H-motors with 2 events and one trackday on it.

B18b obd2 wiring harness

B18B intake manifold and throttle body

B18B crank pulley

Delta 272 camshafts

Moroso baffled road race extended sump oil pan 5.5 qt ($350 new)

Thermostatic oil cooler adapter

Large oil cooler

Valve cover welded for breathers

Replaced water pump and timing belt before installation

Stainless steel long tube 4X2X1 header with 2.5” collector

Dyno tuned chipped OBD1 ECU


Engine Dynoed at 160 whp with safe redline of 6800 rpm.



Rebuilt GSR transmission with carbon snycros

Welded diff (don’t knock it until you try it, especially in the rain)

ACT lightweight Flywheel

4 puck unsprung clutch

Stock pressure plate for easy pedal


Short throw tall shifter (places shifter right next to steering wheel)

Shift linkage


Raxles sebring race swap axles (cost $650)


Comes with some spares :

B18 engine with wiring harness core great for stealing parts from in a pinch

LS tranny with welded diff (works great but gearing is a little tall for most tracks)

Del sol vtec this ½ radiator (worked great with the oil cooler to keep things cool enough without the weight penalty of a full with radiator)

Any other b series bits I can scrounge up from the shop. Like seals, wiring, spark plugs ect.

Stock b20 cams


Looking for around $2200 for the package.  Stuff is located in Auburn WA



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