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Hello all,


My name is Tommy Carothers from Ethos Motorsport. We are a startup team in the process of building a car. We have 2 drivers and 1 mechanic. We are looking for like-minded drivers or crew who want to share the team, car, DRIVING TIME and financial responsibilities equally. (You may even take the car to your own events if you so choose (With everyone in agreement) I have wheel to wheel and rally racing experience and dont mind teaching a newcomer through simulation or physical track time. We have a trailer and truck.


To apply you must first meet these requirements:


Be able to pay your equal share of racing costs

Willing to learn and be "Ego-Less" in your training approach

Be chill, we just really want seat time for the 2018 season which we are looking at as a R&D season.

Be willing to help build the car. (Ill buy the beer and pizza, unless you are underage of course.)

Not just looking for "Arriving and Driving"


A shop or place to work on the car in the North Carolina area is a plus as we are working out of a apartment parking lot at this time. Everyone on board so far is paying equal parts. 

We plan on running any number of races (From one to all) on the east coast.


If you think you meet the above requirements fill out form below:







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We are located in Garner, NC. We have 2 projects under planning phase. And 1 that is underway but haven't got so far committed that we cant turn back. One is a 1997 Subaru Outback (Nothing wrong with it but a blown head) One is a 1995 Mustang GT Convertible (I kinda don`t wanna gut it its really really nice and fast as it has a 5.0 motor and may go over the 500 point limit and my wife loves it)  And the one that is underway is a 2005 Scion xA With a comprehensive scheme to make it faster that it really should be while under the 500 point limit. (The Index doesn't have one but when comparing to cars like it with more horsepower they get 50 points) Id love to hear more about you guys. I have lived in chapel hill before about 10 mins from West Franklin street so I am familiar with the area. We are completely down for other cars and I could even search for another. The crew we have now is pretty flexible but me and the other driver may have to work on the car (or cars) at 2 different times but can have race weekends together no problem (We are Co-Workers at a company that has one 2 workers = me and him)  I have much more free time and only really have to work at night (On call) And I am off every single Saturday until the world ends and he is off every single Sunday until the world ends. Feel free to contact me via text: 919-701-2096

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