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Who's ready for Atlanta?

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I've never spent so many hours in one week working on the car. 


Tonight at 10pm I finally feel that the car might be ready for Friday. If I never have to look at a wiring schematic again it will be too soon. 


At least it went from this...




To this:



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6 hours ago, Doc said:

You folks claiming these are pool noodles really need to get out more. Maybe off the Forum. There is a whole world out there...

I used to be out in the NASCAR world.


You should spend some time outside the chump world and in theirs; they don't use pink pool noodles. :P

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4 hours ago, Bill Strong said:



I'm sorry Sir, but we have STRICT style guides for our logos and branding. Please cease and desist IMMEDIATELY. 

You SURE don't want to tangle with our Media and Marketing Director. He can be a real PITA!!!!:P

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50 minutes ago, mender said:

They look pink on my monitor; what colour are they on yours?

Blue...contrasts nicely with the bloodshot eyes.


Well that's a hoot. I posted a pic of our car and somebody commented on the "pool noodles" about the same time, but that was over on Facebook. Gonna be a great year for ChampCar Live...since I can't seem to figure out which platform I'm on...YIKES!!!


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