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Team Junction/NEO Daytona bound

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7 minutes ago, mcewena said:

Isn't it generally better for recruiting to show the engine *in* the car? ;)   


Seriously great bunch of guys, fast car still know how to have fun.


That's for the "get it done" part....


You'd be surprised... I had someone come up at Watkins and ask if they could drive with us.... when the bay was empty... I said.. come back in the morning when we got the engine back in.  LOL

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5 minutes ago, Team Infiniti said:

The show must go on!

Yup.. We blew up a new engine... and didn't bring a spare... frantically searched and found one 2hrs away.. 4.5hr round trip... dropped it in and got it going for the next day.... and then popped that one later on sunday. Watkins was not kind to the Hondas.  3 teams... 6 motors.

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I just raced with the Junction / Neo Motorsport team at Road Atlanta and had a great time.  Ken brings well-prepped competitive cars and in the event of any issues he will do everything humanly possible to keep it turning laps.  I was 1 of 3 drivers in the #81 Junction Civic and early in the first stint we experienced the failure of 2 brand-new aftermarket high-hp rated axles.  The 2 failures took us off-track for 25 minutes and we were still able to climb from near dead-last to 9th place overall.  Rent from him and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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