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Photos from Sonoma 2/17-2/18


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Hi all,


Congratulations on a fantastic race! There are photos of most competitors are now available at https://photos.app.goo.gl/NuANT3KCUEW8kSQ52 I apologize in advance to those whom I have missed.


I have not watermarked the photos, and everyone's free to use them for non-commercial purposes. Most photos are large and sharp enough for prints, if you would like maximum available resolution please contact me. I request that if you upload them elsewhere (FB, Instagram, etc) please do so with credit to me (Oleg Ace on Facebook, @aceoleg on Instagram).


Finally, if you really like the photos and are feeling generous, feel free to make a donation on PayPal or Google Payment to olegace@gmail.com. Funds will be used to offset the cost of lens rental :)



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