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1 hour ago, Justin9 said:

I like to use a program called Ad Block Pro, for chrome users its an extension that can be installed, and also used on android phone.  It basically strips things like that off the screen.



I think we all are aware of ABP, Ublock Origin, etc ad blockers.


I also have a Pi-Hole at the house that strips ads out https://pi-hole.net/


I don't have an adblocker on the iphone though.., so when Im outside my local network :(.  Its also costing me data to download these adds over LTE.


The biggest issue is the lack of communication from the Champcar staff.  Is this a mistake?  Is it to offset some cost that isnt being covered by other fees? There has to be a story behind it.


I should refrain from commenting further until we get some response from @Bill Strong @chisek

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Yea...I'm not a fan of this move, especially with no coms about it....very similar to the guest fee now in place, or at least being enforced.


I mean, at least give us a thread telling us you are doing it, then we can all argue over it while generating ad revenue.  With the site traffic you guys get on the forum, who knows...could be a hundredaire or maybe even a thosandaire in a few years.


SIDE NOTE: Work proxy blocks all ads, and just look at my posts, its all while I'm at work...you know...working. 

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yes. we are looking at ways to reduce the outgoing costs that are paid to run this business. The SCCA uses ads like this on their pages. So we started yesterday. 
Tracks are increasing the costs of racing by 3% every year. We want to keep the cost of racing down for you guys. In order to do that, we have to look at other ways to bring in income. This is one.
The numbers here are not the 6 figures I was making on my personal forum. But, the few hundred a month it brings in will help offset employment costs for the company. 


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Also, since this is a club, you can know this.
I reduced the cost of our web presence. But... when we changed the name, our traffic has almost doubled. This has meant that I had to increase the hardware and services from our new host. This was added $$. So Mike Chisek and I discussed ways to offset these added fees by using Adsense. The numbers looked good and we will look at this after a few months. 

We want to keep the business side of ChampCar Endurance Series strong. Part of that is making certain that the company has enough cash to keep the company running. 

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14 minutes ago, Bill Strong said:

well, 37,000 page views on the forum yesterday. 9 people clicked an ad. That made us almost $8. thank you.
and why don't I get cool ads like you guys get? All I get are car and motorcycle ads. 


Is that how it works?  I will commit to clicking on those ads every now and then if it will lower my cost to race.

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