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Tip of the hat to Discovery Parts

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I cannot believe how good the customer service at Discovery Parts is. Yesterday I placed my second order in as many weeks. Once again the parts I ordered are scheduled to be delivered well ahead of the estimated shipping time. As in this afternoon!  That was with their free shipping option. I live 10 minutes from Summit Racing and I’m ecstatic that I was able to get these parts through Discovery Parts at a better price and without having to deal with the circus that is having to go Summit.


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Agreed.  About 8 years ago when I was on my way to CMP for a Lemons race, one of our drivers signed up to drive a week before the race. He ordered a suit from Discovery parts.  The suit was too small, but there wasn't enough time to deliver the second suit before the race.  We were travelling through Atlanta on the way and Ron met us on I285 and hand delivered the suit.  They have competitive prices, knowledgeable staff, and I can't imagine better customer service.

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At a WRL race at Barber (Eclipse weekend) , we were paddocked up nearby where Discovery Parts had their trailer.

They most definitely saw the ugly evidence of a couple of trailer tire blowouts on the side of our car hauler. 


While we were gone one night, one of them came over and cleaned all of that stuff from the side of our hauler.  I had previously tried kerosene, gasoline, diesel, acetone and brake parts cleaner to get that stuff of and nothing worked.  It had been on there for a year.  We did not notice it until we got back on the road after the race.


I tried to contact Ron and thank him personally but never got a reply.  I contacted WRL and expressed appreciation for having them there as well ...but I guess they never wanted any recognition for it other than the Discovery Parts sticker they put on the (now clean) hauler in place of where all of those black marks were that night. I'd still like to know what they use for that kind of cleanup.


Those folks are friends of racing.

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