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1980 Plymouth Fire Arrow- If your ON A BUDGET! $3900

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Are you looking to get into racing on a small budget? Look no further. I am selling my 1980 Plymout Fire Arrow race car. Yes it is old school stuff that is Plymouth in name only. Chrylser imported these cars form Japan for two years. I recently purchased two of these cars and need to sell one. So this is the one I have decided to let go. 
This car was built to compete in SCCA for the ITB class. No expense was spared in it preparation and development. This car handles like go-kart and it is really fast even with restrictions of the rules for the SCCA class. In its last outing it ran a 1:30 flat at Summit Point Raceway.  Quick with a 32/36 webber carb. The car weighs 2200 lbs. Also it has a brand new paint job.
So here is the specs:
The original point value was 100 and in its present setup has a 345 point value.
Engine- 2.6 (largest 4 cylinder built)  has 4 or 5  SCCA race weekends since built.
Custom headers, 32/36 dgva webber carb, K/N breather,racing radiator, oil cooler, remote oil filter, areoquip fittings and lines, msd with high output coil. overflow canisters for oil and water. 
5 speed tranny with 3.54 wielded diff.
Braided brake lines, custom brake ductwork, rear disk brakes (stock) Bias adjustable brake system.
12 gallon fuel cell with braed fuel lines. Electric fuel pump and remote fuel filter.
Canton manuel accusump with braided lines.
Removable steering
Wink Mirror
Full gauges, tach, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, and air fuel monitor.
Racing seat, new belts
Suspension- After market front sway bar, all other compotents are hiem jointed. Landrum rear springs full adjustable. Camber plates with adjustable coil overs. Front wheel bearings checked and serviced.
6 new tires  and 10 racing rims.
Some spares. 
Engines for this car are readily available from Dodge  d 50. early model Monteros, Mitsubishi Trucks, Conquest, Starion, Dodge Raider. Other mechanical parts are cheap  and are available. Check out Rock Auto 1980 Plymouth Arrow 2.6 to see whats available and costs.
This car is easy to work on. For an example, front brake pads can be changes in less than 2 minutes.
There are a number of go fast goodies available, turbos from a Conquest or Starion will bolt right on. This will give an extra 40-70 hp. 
The only thing this car needs is a fire suppresion system and a certified fuel bladder. These     two items are less than $900.
So for less than $5000 you can go racing or least keep you withing your budget.
Car is located in Mount Airy North Carolina. Please check out my web site to read more about Plymouth Fire Arrows. www.plymouthfirearrow.com 




IMG_0615 (1).jpg


1980 arrow interior 4.jpg

1980 arrow interior 5.jpg

1980 arrow interior 1.jpg

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This car may be in class c, but for a group of guys wanting to get into racing this is a great car. For them it should be about seat time. Of course if they want to go faster later they can always sell the car to someone who might want to run it in another club, such as vintage. Also the fuel cell can be increased to 15 gallons per rules. I am looking for a nice open wheel trailer and some cash and  would be willing to work out a nice deal.

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