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Looking for reliable driver with experience for nelson ledges

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We need 1 more driver for nelsons in a car that has won multiple lemons races and podiumed many times in chump in a past life.


83 rx7 with 2nd gen swap.  Built by individuals with multiple chump wins.


Looking for 1500$ for the 24 with 4 drivers per car and 3 cars.  Expect to help with pit stops and everything else.


Plan is to get 3 stints per driver.  May change as race progresses.


We would prefer somebody we know.


Contact me for further info.

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Some details I wanted to add.


The open spot is in Bryan's #767 - 1983 RX7 with a 2nd gen swap.  The engine and drivetrain previously resided in our #556 car and has numerous race wins under it's belt.  The chassis has numerous Lemons wins and a few Chump podiums back in the day.


I'll be honest and say that Bryan's car is NOT the car that we are thinking we will use to chase the podium.  We have a few "very experienced" (30 + races) drivers in the car and 1 not very experienced driver (Bryan , the car owner). 


We have a long history of completing races, so the drivetime should not be an issue.  However, once the car passes tech and goes out for the green flag, all bets are off.  We can give a minimal refund if drive time is reduced or lost completely due to issues with the car or an incident.  But it will not be the full fee (or probably even close to the full fee).


We do NOT make money off this racing.  Most of the fee that we ask for is already spent by the time the car shows up.  If you are interested in the cost breakdown of the race before joining us, I can send that to you.

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I will chime in and state that we have 12 drivers for 3 cars right now as well and we are taking a CYR/GMS team approach to Nelsons.  We have a lot of experience that will be at the race for all of the cars and are looking forward to a good showing.  

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I'm very interested. I'm looking for a ride in the Nelson 24. I've been racing on and off for 30 years. Started out in open wheel cars in SCCA. Moved on to sedans in both SCCA and NASA. I've been doing Chump and WRL for the past 3 years. I have a current SCCA regional competition license. I'm consistent and take care of the car. Please get back to me. I'm in the Cincy area.


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