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Miata Front Splitter / Floor, $235

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Testing the waters here / Gauging interested here on a multi part Miata front splitter that Alchemy Autosport is running.  We are on the ~13th version, and it now has all the details that I want from it.

2 deg down angle, adjustable from 4" / 5" / 6" front overhang.


Makes enough downforce to balance our 5' x 12" rear wing.

Made in 4 piece of wood.

Splitter floor is made in mirrored left/right sections so you only have to replace one side in case of a curb strike or going off track.

A great place to locate your brake ducts

Also serves as a great way to increase radiator cooling flow, by blocking and sealing the front opening.

Has an oil drain access hatch so you don't need to remove splitter for oil drains


$235 plus shipping.


 - 2 floor piece halves (Left and right)

 - 2 Upright

 - 4 90 deg brackets

 - 2x Underside plastic skid plates

 - Front / Center / Rear Aluminium cross width bracket plates


Sources yourself:

  - Angle Steel from Home depot (~$9)

  - Air Dam Plastic

  - RivNuts to attach Air Dam Plastic to front bumper

  - Stanchions

  - Hardware to assemble floor (bunch of M6x 40mm bolts and nylocks)


Could also do a version where I send all the hardware / bolts / Riv-Nuts / etc to use our attachment method, right around $350.


Tested and working great on an NA8 platform Miata.  Also fits NA6 and NB miatas if you have one of those.


Anyone interested?




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