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New Ohio track test location

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A quick note to all of my road race friends.... I want to let everyone know that Dragway 42, located 40 minutes south of Cleveland, is open weekdays for reasonably priced Test & Tune sessions. You can use a combination of their drag strip and return roads to simulate a road course. Steve Lannoch and I did a very helpful shakedown today of our 'Junk Player Special' Champcar. We shared the track with the Nonamaker's 'Team Sahlen' Caymans. Gary, the general manager, is enthusiastic, welcoming and easy to work with. You can rent the track for an hour or for a full day most any weekday. Contact Gari (yes there is a Gary (he) and a Gari (she) on (440) 458-5571 for more details. The track surface and infield roads are newly paved and glass smooth. Don't hesitate to head out there if you need to put some time on your car before your next race.  Check them out on Facebook or at www.dragway42.com.  The track is 30 minutes north of MidOhio and an hour east of Nelson's Ledges. Multiple testing configurations are available.



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Please contact the track directly for pricing.  I don't want to mis-quote a price. They are still working out their program,  Its not a layout where you can pound laps for hours. There are no guardrails or curbing or runoff areas. Its truly just a dragstrip and a grid of return roads that lets you blast your car through some turns so that you can shake down any issues.  We worked on checking out the car, not improving our driving.   We were able to run the car up through 5th gear and then do hard breaking to a 2nd gear corner. We ran through some hard left and right hand turns to confirm that alignment felt good. We got the new brakes heat cycled and new tires heat cycled. Boom, end of test. 1 hour.

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