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Available for driving and coaching

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Hi everyone,


My name is Wyatt Foster, I'm looking to fill out the rest of my schedule this year as a driver or driver coach. I just wanted to see if anyone in ChampCar would be interested in having me around.


A few details on my driving history.


I started karting at 13 (now 26) moved to cars in 2009 and have been racing since.


Series include: NASA, PBOC, BMWCCA, SCCA, Pirelli World Challenge, NARRA.  - THSCC and BMWCCA driving instructor


I started ChampCar in 2015 I believe, for Ronald's Racers and have done 6? or so events per year since. 2 Overall wins, numerous class wins and podiums. And more mechanicals out of first place than I even want to think about. Also, set fastest time of the day for the entire race in all but 3 events I have entered, and every event since last July. A few include the 2017 VIR 24 with a 2:13.9 (Huggins Racing/ Pinkies out) (with a broken foot) The 2018 Road Atlanta 14 hour with a 1:38.4 (Not Banned Yet) and most recently the 2018 Charlotte 14 hour  with a 1:41.4 (Ban the SC300) (I mean, Danger Close)


Also tied for the ChampCar iRacing championship points lead. Come do that everyone, it's fun!


If you are interested in having me drive for you, coach your drivers or give chassis advice you can get in contact with me by email: WyFoster@gmail.com







Shameless self plug




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