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92 Taurus SHO with parts in Iowa $1600

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For Sale:  Race-ready 1992 Taurus SHO.  Complete with title, spare parts, and all small fortune of zip ties holding her together.  

Lowered the price to $1600


Our last race with Chumpcar was at Gingerman in 2014.  We ran for about two hours before we spun a rod bearing and parked the car.  In 2016 we replaced the engine with one that had 120k miles.  We ran the car around the block a few times to make sure we weren’t missing any important parts, but the car hasn't seen a track since the engine was replaced.   Besides needing a front alignment, the car is more or less race ready.  Again, our last race was only two hours long, so we still have brakes and tires for a weekend of racing.   We are also selling our collection of spare parts which includes a spare rebuilt transmission and three corners worth of suspension.


This'd be a great car for a new team starting out - especially considering the spare part collection.   Biggest problems with these cars are wheel bearings and the transmission.   Treat the transmission like a lady and it'll last you years.  We have a spares if you don't.  Wheel bearings sho are fine as long as they're replaced every weekend.  We always bring spare knuckles/hubs each race, just in case.


We would like to sell the parts and car together for $1600 OBO.  The car is located in central Iowa and we can negotiate pickup or delivery as part of an offer. 


What works:

  •     2M Kenwood 2-way ham radio
  •     Power steering
  •     Power brakes
  •     Brake lights/ headlights
  •     Wipers
  •     OE Gauge cluster and aftermarket Oil, coolant and battery gauges
  •     Engine
  •     5 speed transmission
  •     Cooling system
  •     Suspension is solid.  No play in ball joints or tierod ends
  •     New front wheel bearings
  •     New timing belt/tensioner

What needs love/zip ties/both

  •     Rocker panels and underside of the body is rusty.  Floorboards sealed thanks to skin grafts from an old washing machine
  •     Two sets of used brakes and tires.  Each set good enough for one full day of racing


  •     Progressive Lowering springs (1.5" in the front, 1" in the rear)
  •     Solid sub-frame mounts
  •     Adjustable rear brake proportioning valve
  •     Cobra front caliper/rotors
  •     Rear disc brakes
  •     Removed ABS manifold
  •     Moog problemsolver ball joints and tie rod ends
  •     Front Wheel bearings replaced every other race.
  •     New OE quality struts/mounts (<2 hours track time)
  •     Added steel rings to protect diff pins
  •     Four driving Lights
  •     Lighted side number lights
  •     Rear spoiler (adds at least 25 HP)    
  •     Dual battery disconnects (One for Chump and one for Lemons)
  •     Battery mounted in trunk
  •     Fire suppression system (outlets facing driver and under hood)
  •     Corbeau racing seat
  •     Five point harness
  •     Kenwood 2M Ham radio
  •     Wide angle rear view mirror
  •     Four half used Dunlop direzza tires (Good for 1 7-hr race)
  •     Alloy wheels
  •     Removed rear glass and side windows
  •     Custom paint with helpful maintenance reminders like
    •         Add Oil
    •         Don't ride clutch
    •         Tighten lug nuts
    •         Don't lose wheel while racing


Spare parts:

  •     Rebuilt 5-speed transmission.  Race ready
  •     Second 5-speed.  Parts Only
  •     Spare 3.0L engine, harness, and sensors.  Bad rod bearing
  •     Alternator
  •     Two front knuckles with new wheel bearings
  •     Driver's side rear knuckle
  •     Both front axles
  •     Misc. control arms
  •     Spare lowering springs
  •     Spare OE springs
  •     Four spare used struts
  •     2 Alloy wheels, match wheels on the car
  •     4 half used tires for current wheels (Good for 1 7hr race); Match what’s on the car
  •     4 alloy OE wheels - painted flat black
  •     Ford shop manuals


Both transmissions (one in the car and the one good spare)  have steel rings pressed over the differential carrier to retain the diff pins.  These pins have a nasty habit of slipping out and trashing the transmission.   The steel ring prevents this failure and is removable if the diif ever needs servicing.   All gears and bearings are in great shape.  No signs of chips or pitting.   All syncro's are solid.  m.   


















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