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Washington DC area wedding getaway car?

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Alright Cha/ump family, I wasn't sure where to post this so I posted here, but I have a bit of a different request for ya. My name is Kevin and I race with Team Fieroline/Skideria Fauxrrari on the west coast. I happen to be getting married to my lovely fiancee Emily in Fredericksburg, VA on July 16 this year. We are looking for a sweet wedding getaway car and thought that maybe, just maybe one of you guys might have either a cool road car or maybe even an awesome reliable and street legal race car (with 2 seat capability of course) and might be willing to let us borrow it for a day! For reference as to who we are, see attached images for our Team Fieroline race car at Portland International Raceway (I'm in the driver's seat) along with myself and Emily with the infamous Skideria Fauxrrari (Testaslowsa) body kit sponsored by none other than Pyroelli, lol! 


Anyway, if you or anyone you know might be interested in letting us borrow your cool car, give me a shout. We are willing to compensate for the rental. I just thought there might be something more interesting out there than an automatic Mustang from Avis. Despite being racers, we promise we're responsible! ...kinda! We do race a Fiero after all which may not be a particularly good life choice, I'll concede to you that point. But I am a Civil Engineer and Emily is a teacher, so maybe that evens it out. Thanks for perusing this post.



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