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1990 BMW E30

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Junkyard M20 installed from Recycle BMW.


Installed a M20 pulled from a running e30 from Recycle Bmw.  Engine seems to run ok but is showing lower oil pressure than I remember.  Showing 6-8 psi at idle hot and 30-40 psi when revved to 3-4k rpm's. Borderline for 10 psi for every 1k of rpm's.  Maybe it will live for ever and maybe only for a few laps.  Came out of a 100k auto car.  New clutch and pressure plate installed with engine.  Have a ton of spare suspension and parts I can pack the car with. Willing to help ship it anywhere.  Could fill the car with all the spare parts that will fit.  


Has Turner J stock suspension installed.  Seat, harness and window net are all expired.  Dash bar installed so you will conform to the new rules.  Never had a issue passing tech.  The cage is really nice, compared to a lot of cars. 


The car was built by a BMW Tech and a buddy that graduated from the U of M and had some college level welding classes.  Everything was built with no expense spared at the time of the build. Maintenance items always addressed as needed along the way. New Suspension components all the way around when built. 


Spare coolant hoses

Spare head

Spare clutch and pressure plate

Spare right and left rear control arms

Extra PFC 08 brake pads

Spare radiator

Spare oil cooler

Spare plug wires

The list goes on and on

$6k for everything I have.  This could be a winning car with the right team.


Will also give you the M50 from a auto e34 that I have if you want it!









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