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52 minutes ago, mtgmanbob said:

Mike, What is the car you are trying to pass?  Yes you are pushing  a lot. Did you burn the front's off the car in that race?  How many hrs or on the engine now, race hrs that is?  does it need a rebuild soon?  Thanks Rob

That was a Saab. I just got in the car and I was feeling out for the first time that weekend. The Saab team was our pit neighbors and I guess my live stream was very popular for a while :). The tires were in great shape when we were done because they are a hard compound. In fact we still have these tires and run them on the rear of the car and we run the star specs in the front. That engine now has 2 race weekends on it and a new transmission. The engine in the car now was ordered from a salvage yard with 70k miles. The first engine we had in the car had 140,000 miles when we went racing. In our 3rd race weekend it spun a bearing. We never re-build the engine, we like keeping it factory sealed :)


50 minutes ago, mtgmanbob said:

Another question, what about the Left light assy?  are you using that for cold air intake?

When we got the car, the headlights were all busted up. I tossed the driver side headlight and routed the cold air vent out that area. If we had to run a night race, we planned to run the same LED lights like we did on our Mustang.

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20 hours ago, mtgmanbob said:

sorry to ask so many questions, but I like to get a good idea about what I might be moving on.  can you take a phone call?  I have number 

No problem. You can call me (Mike) at 608-865-One-One-Seven-Seven. Or my co-owner Paul @ 608-797-Eight-Four-Eight-Three

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