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National Championship questions

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I've never actually been sure how these things are determined, but basically, is there actually a "competitive points race" that goes on in champcar or is every race seperate (except for qualifying for nationals)? I ask this because based on the BCCR, it means that the teams who end up going to most of the races will qualify for nationals, is this correct?

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No only your best two race points count , kinda like golf low point wins ..  If you win two races and have run 10 events you still enter with two points .. win the championship race and you have three points and win the championship also..

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@RyanGreener We've only had this in place for a year now, so I'm sure some things could change or be tweaked. I will explain how it went down this year.


You get points for any race you enter. 1 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, etc. etc.

You take the sum of your best two finishes in a season (Jan. - Dec.), and that is your point total which qualifies you for the Championship race (which is held the following year [to give teams time to prepare and such]).

Your place in the Championship is added to your point total going into it to give you the final points, and the lowest point total wins.

The advantage of running a lot of races is more chances to get 2 good finishes.


For the first Championship race which was held in June 2018, the team who won had a 2nd and a 1st in 2017, and won the Championship race for a total of 4 points and the win.

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