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For Sale - 1992 Mazda Miata 1.6L, full Cage, Race Ready

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For Sale - 1992 Mazda Miata 1.6L, full Cage, Race Ready

Located = Atlanta Motorsports Park


This car has 4 full events on it.  It won 1st in class and 2nd overall at AMP in Oct 2015.  It's not the fastest, but is reliable and handles very well.  Would be great for a team just starting out or a team that wants a good base to start with.  TCV is currenlty 375 so there is room to grow and/or do a 1.8L swap.


Legal for 2018 Chump Car rules.  Fully caged with Spec Miata suspension (coil-overs and sway bars with East Street adjustable end links), Torsen LSD, Adjustable seat, Schroth Enduro harnesses, Springfield Dyno exhaust, Longacre Water Temp and Water Pressure gauges with warning lights, External Tachometer with Shift Light, Aluminum race radiator, Custom rear brush bar, custom lightweight dash, custom lightweight half-top, light bar and door lights (already wired for night racing), wired for Cool Suit system with mounting tray in trunk, NRG quick release hub, new front calipers, new front rotors.  Pads and tires good enough for some practice but not an event.


Spares: Many misc Mazda 1.6 parts for motor, 1.6L motor (with slight knock that is fine for a rebuild), spare front fenders, spare hood, spare doors.


Other Notes: Does not come with data acquisition or transponder.  It does have a mount for an AMB transponder that you can rent from event organizers.  There is a little damage on the right-side of the front bumper but nothing major and car/frame has no wrecks on it...just some door to door action.


Price = $6,750

20180630_101541 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101651 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101656 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101700 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101708 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101719 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101727 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101739 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101747 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101757 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101823 (Copy).jpg

20180630_101831 (Copy).jpg

20180630_102235 (Copy).jpg

20180630_102300 (Copy).jpg

20180803_142026 (Copy).jpg

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