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While out and about today, I saw this....

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When we were driving south to Laguna from Portland we noticed a large number of Prii and starting counting. In the six hours that we kept count, we saw just under 400 of them, by far the most common car that we saw. That's an average of more than one a minute.


It was funny seeing little convoys of Prii; safety in numbers I guess! :lol:

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On 8/30/2018 at 8:43 PM, wvumtnbkr said:

The other team captain on my 2 car team drives a prius.... @bbaker480.....

It's not an awful car if you don't expect to enjoy driving that day.  I don't like the seats, the steering wheel, the transmission, the stereo, or the abysimal traction control system that can't be turned off, but other than those I don't really want to kill it with fire.  As a place to sit and listen to an audiobook for 2 hours a day driving to and from the office I could imagine worse places to be (like in a catless WRX with no A/C and manual).  

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1 hour ago, FlorahDorah said:



It's not that the Prius can't be hustled, its just not confidence inspiring, or if you exceed the limits of traction under braking it completely cuts power to the car and does all kinds of what I still find to be unpredictable things under the guise of "traction control".  Think about a normal car crossing a wet manhole cover, tire slips 3' and then grips again. Same manhole cover you've got another 80 feet of blinking lights and cut power to the wheels on top of what feels like the computer checking each brake independently to make sure it works.  That said, ABS under a full panic stop does work very well given the contact patch of its tiny tires.  


The traction control is awful enough that I hesitate to sell the WRX because I don't know how driveable the Prius actually will be in the winter.  At least with that car the loss of grip is intentional and controllable if you decide less loud pedal is in order.

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