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Looking for a Team In or Around Austin, TX

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Hi all, I'm a driver looking to get some experience in ChampCar or even just overall exposure to racing teams. Racing is a lifelong passion and I've race karts and spent thousands of hours sim racing, but I've been wanting to make the jump to wheel-to-wheel racing.


I live in Austin but if there is a team in the area (SA, DFW, Houston) that needs a driver or is willing to let me tag along to learn what I can, hit me up! Any leads would be appreciate as well, if you happen to know a team or someone wanting to form a team around Texas. Thanks!

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There is a race at Harris Hill in a few weeks. I suggest you go and work as a volunteer. You will get to see the series from all sides, probably learn a bunch and get paid. That's how I got started and think it's a great idea for anyone that's interested. 



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I live in Tyler TX, I have a 1990 Nissan 300ZX that I want to run in 2019 and need some additional drivers. At this time it is me, and a fellow out of Florida, I raced SCCA in the ITS class for 15 years, then got out of racing. I went to a Champ Race this year and the racing bug got me again. I have located and purchased a car that is almost ready , it has been sitting for a few years so it needs to be gone though and updated to meet Champ safety regulations. If your interested, give me a call, we can talk more.




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