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Feeler: Any race ready E36s available?

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Mike and team tech have been working long and hard on the updated VPI . TAC committee will revew and get it to the board and it will be out to membership soon . Be patient as a the tech advisory committee is a new process ,was just formed ,and had the rule package put on them right off the bat . My report is they are working well together and as soon as the rule process is done an given to the board they will receive the VPI changes . Some of this may already be done as the board is very active with conferance calls working hard for you guys . 

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8 hours ago, mindspin311 said:

Title says it all. Curious if anyone knows of a race ready E36 325 for sale.

See my post for the chassis for sale - I can have a race ready sedan for you over the up-north off-season, built to your specs.

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An EC winning car E36 just got posted for sale. It races AER and Champ and I believe has won races with both.


BMW e36 Endurance Car
Providence, RI

If not allowed to post this here please let me know and I’ll remove it, this seems like the place that I’ll most likely find the best home for the car.

Unfortunately I’m looking to sell my beloved e36 (The shell is a 1995 M3, but it’s kind of a mutt) endurance race car known as ‘Zora’. It’s run two AER events, Road Atlanta 2018 & NJMP 2018, where at NJ it won first in class on Sunday and second in class for the weekend. Prior to, the car was run in the Chumpcar series in the EC class. The car passed 2018 tech for both series.

The car is located in RI, and is obviously not street legal/also will not deliver. I’ll try to be as thorough as possible (but am most likely going to forget some stuff) and if anyone has any questions or would like more pictures I’ll be happy to answer/provide. As for a price I’m putting it up for 12k; if your interested and don’t agree with the asking price let’s talk. I have a decent amount of spares that I’ve acquired that you can rummage through as well and take what you want. Any interested party that would like to talk about price will be heard out if they think it’s off to what the cars worth.

- M52b25 unknown mileage but the person I bought it off claimed it had been rebuilt. I regasketed the entire engine at the beginning of the year and it is very clean inside. I also rebuilt the VANOS at the same time as well. M50 intake manifold with PCV delete/catch can that has a drain back to the pan. Achilles Motorsports oil pan baffle and welded oil pump nut on. Traction control delete boot and K&N intake assembly. Manzo headers that go into a single 3” exhaust. Kassel Performance “ultimate swap DME” and I had him lower the redline to 6,800rpm. All electronic components have been replaced with new OEM replacements. Cooling system completely replaced at the beginning of the year with all upgraded parts (thermostat housing, water pump pulley, and metal impeller WP), Mishimoto Aluminum radiator, and yes it still has a functioning clutch fan setup that I’ve never had any issues with whatsoever. Revshift poly engine mounts replaced at the beginning of the year. S52 oil filter housing with Rally Road cooler adapter to a 36 row oil cooler. Engine oil and filter have always been changed after every event with Redline 50wt race oil and their break in additive
- ZF transmission with about 140,000 miles on it, shifts well and still has a functioning 5th gear detent. Rebuilt shifter assembly with Garagistic upgrade kit and DSSR. Also has an X5 3.0 shift selector which has a nice throw and is taller/ more angled. Guibo changed at the beginning of the year and also replaced poly trans mounts at the same time. Fluid changed with Redline after every event
- 3.91 LSD with Rogue finned cover. Turner aluminum diff bushing kit. Redline fluid changed after every event
- Duel fuel pump setup in tank and custom vent with stock venting system removed

- Ground Control coilovers with 450# front/ 550# rear springs, single adjustable Konis, and front Camber/Caster plates
- All suspension components are from an OBD2 M3 (subframes, trailing arms, control arms, etc.)
- Turner M3 sway bar set with rear adjustable endlinks and OE front endlinks used instead of the TMS front links (we like to utilize curbs and they tend to last longer than Heims). Rear sway bar tabs have been reinforced
- Condor offset delrin control arm bushings
- Trailing arm pockets have been reinforced and since it’s an M3 the subframe mounts came reinforced from the factory
- Turner trailing arm spherical joints, Turner aluminum subframe bushings, Turner upper inner spherical joints, and Eibach adjustable lower control arms
- I have (6) TR Motorsport wheels all 17x8.5 et40 and Toyo R1R 245/40r17 tires still with decent amounts of tread

- M3 brake components all around (rotors, calipers, etc.)
- Centric Cryo rotors, Hawk HT-10 pads, BimmerWorld front cooling duct/backing plate kit, Eeuroparts brass caliper slide pin kit, and Powerstop stainless brake lines
- ABS has been deleted, if I was keeping it I planned to put in a stand-alone MK60 ABS unit from an e46 M3 in it

- The shell is very clean and rust free. It used to be a multitude of colors as it was put together from a few different cars, so I painted it a multitude of colors but in the shape of a polka dot livery. The paint job was done using Montana Gold graffiti spray cans and it looks really good actually. The passenger rear quarter panel is pushed in a little from a car driving into us at NJ in the rain; it could be fixed pretty easily but it never really bothered me (the paint job hides it very well) 
- Even though it’s an M3, it’s equip with the body kit of an OBD2 328is (bumpers, skirts, & mirrors). It has a custom front lip and fender vents
- The spare tirewell was cut out to accept a fuel cell, but one hasn’t been put in. The floors been covered in diamond plated aluminum and the batter now resides on the passenger side (properly secured and boxed). The open floor looking through to the diff makes it look mean

Interior/ Safety:
- Sparco Pro ADV seat good til 2021, OMP six point belts good til 2021, G-Force window and center nets SFI spec 27.1, and Lifeline fire system 
- VAC machined floor brackets and seat side brackets, stock dash has been flocked, wink mirror and spot mirrors, AJ Hartman carbon center panel, BimmerWorld window defrost kit, and long acre push to start panel with accessory switches
- Wiring harness has been gone though and all the useless stuff has been removed
- The roll cage was put in when the car was raced in the 2000s. It’s structurally good and has all the required bars, it’s just not the prettiest cage out there

Image may contain: car and outdoor
Image may contain: car and outdoor
Image may contain: car and outdoor
Image may contain: car and outdoor
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