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$15,900. 53' race trailer. Holds 3 on the floor, or 2 and a lot of stuff! :)

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Title in hand. Interested, hit me up. It's a 2011 and I've had it since new. No hail dings. probably 20,000 miles on it, mostly interstate. Great trailer for cars, awesome for storage too!

Trailer was rubbed up against another trailer and will require some panels and some work as you can see in the pictures, easy fix.  Save some money and do it yourself. :) Tires have exactly 1 mile on them. The tire shop did the damage to the trailer, I drove it home and that's how you get new tires with only 1 mile on them. :)

A great trailer, tows like a dream. Easily put 2 full size cars inside or 3 import size cars. Never used for dirt cars or anything like that. Nice and clean drag cars or road race cars. Probably has 20,000 miles on it. I just replaced the tires, didn't need to, just preventative maintenance. (although look what that got me...) ...lol... :)

It's nice and wide. We've had current Mustangs in it, Tesla's etc. Those things are wide! No problems.

E-track on the walls and the floors. I really enjoy the stuff on the walls. If you have a spare hood, bam, just strap it to the wall out harms way. Same with tool boxes or whatever.

About 90 Pics are here. you might have to cut and paste it.




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