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Looking for a seat. Road America & Indy

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Looking for a seat at Road America in April and Indy in July. I've recently relocated from NC to Iowa and am in search of seats to continue racing now that I'm not local to the team I've built cars and raced with since 2013.


My driving background includes 5 LeMons races since 2013 in the Southeast with two class wins and no black flags along with HPDE events starting in 2011 and pit crewing at various Champ Car events over the years.


Additionally, I'm handy with a wrench, troubleshooting, and work as a vehicle systems engineer for an off-highway OEM in my day job.


Would happily provide references from various Champ Car teams upon request.


Contact me here on the forum or:





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On 12/16/2018 at 7:31 PM, swschreiner said:

NC to Iowa

Welcome to Iowa!  

There are a couple team around the state and you might want to reach out to them. Eman911 runs an older Alfa and is in North liberty.

Another team out of Waterloo, Tuna No Crust in a Honda. There is one starting up in Ankeny also but can't recall the team name.

We are in Mount Vernon and run a Miata but have a full team these days.

Might be some others that i have missed but that's a few you can start with.

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