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Fuel cells...

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I have been told my team can use a 22 gallon fuel cell.  That being the goal now...  We have a fuel injected small block chevy.  So, many questions...  Does it need to be steel, plastic, kevlar?  Does it need to be certified by Formula 1?  Can I buy a Speedway plastic tank?  Can I buy a Speedway plastic tank and build an aluminum case?


Speaking of AL  (element)..  Can my tanks exterior be aluminum?  


What about my fire extinguisher?  Right now I have a very expensive heat sensing system from a Nascar truck that has no date on it.   Is that good?


My fender flares.....  can they be plastic?  What if the dumb poops hit me and rip it off...  Can i continue?


Like I said, after a few years of not racing I want to come back and the recent rule changes are BLOWING MY MIND...


And yes, the avatar is me driving a 73 monte carlo at new smyrna speedway in 2007.

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1 hour ago, lizzard said:

my team

Welcome back!


 I’ll save you 10 minutes 


 SFI fuel cell with manufactured enclosure 


 Fender flares made out of some sort of significant  metal that don’t fall off when hit, you would probably have to stop if they were torn off 

 Fire extinguisher you have can be used to augment your brand new  certified manual pull handle system set up as stated in the BCCR


 Still got the Monte in your yard? 


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