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Lap Timer App Tablet/Mount Setups


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I would like to install a tablet in my new car with a laptimer app. I was wondering what tablets (or phones) you guys use and what kind of mount are you using?  My dash bar is fully covered by my dash so if you have something that can surface mount that would be great.

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At first I used tie wraps as a secondary attachment, but I stopped bothering because the 2 inch heavy-duty velcro held so strong. Race cars are perfect for velcro, the more vibration the tighter the hooks and loops bind together, it's difficult to remove the tablet its so tight after a race. timer.thumb.jpg.623767cb2ee9a80e6b202174a761fb2c.jpg


Your biggest problem will be reliably powering the tablet, in the end I got a short power cable and permanently secured it with JB weld. 

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1 hour ago, Team Infiniti said:

What app is that?

Racechrono. It is nice and simple, the 4 box design shows best lap, last lap on the left side, on the right side it it has a running timer of your current lap and the plus minus prediction for the current lap. It's cool that the prediction box turns green if you are on a quicker lap. 

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21 hours ago, Justin9 said:

Just velco?  I guess I haven't had that much luck with it in the past but I also probably wasn't using any NASA quality stuff either...

I didn’t trust it either at first, but after a few races of being almost impossible to remove it afterward I quit worrying. A tablet has a pretty good surface to weight ratio for adhering and I have a nice flat spot reserved on my dash panel.


Now if you want top of the line here is what you want, I have the phone version of this mount on my KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and take it through some downright nasty offroad stuff with no problem.



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