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ChampCar Sim Series - 2018 Winners

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Hi All,


Thank you to everyone who has supported the ChampCar Sim Series in our inaugural season. We have had a lot of fun races and entertaining battles, and we have learned a lot of lessons about how we can better serve the ChampCar community in the upcoming 2019 season.


It was a long 2018 season in both Atlantic and Pacific championships, so please extend congratulations to the following competitors:


Atlantic Division:


1st Place - Alex Albert

2nd Place - David Haines

3rd Place - Wyatt Foster


Pacific Division:


1st Place - Joe Boyd

2nd Place - Alexander Cawthorn

3rd Place - Romer Alcala


As the prize for winning their division, Alex and Joe each win a race entry in the 2019 ChampCar Endurance Series. Please reach out to Doc, either via the forum or by e-mail (Doc.Waldrop@champcar.org) in order to arrange delivery of this prize.


The schedule and details of the 2019 season will be posted on the forum soon, and I look forward to seeing everyone on track again soon.


Happy New Year,




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