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Complete Car With Spares For Sale...

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Family health issues have unfortunately forced me to dissolve my racing team and sell "El Matador", our 2005 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V, car number 290. This is the car that was backwards on the hill at Road Atlanta at the start of the 2017 spring race and pictured on the ChampCar website. 


The car is more than capable of 1:45's at Road Atlanta. We had this car at NCM back in June for the championship where we finished a respectable 21st after two days of racing. 


Here's everything that goes with the deal:


2005 Nissan Sentra SER SPEC-V, currently valued at 480 points, Class "C", with current logbook, all safety equipment, spares, radios, etc. The car came from the factory with the QR25DE engine, six speed transmission with locking diff and the Brembo four piston front calipers. The car will need the usual prep stuff, such as hub bearings and brakes replaced, fire system recharged, and possibly seat harness and window net replaced, although I think the harness and net are still good due to the four year rule. The car was meticulously built here in my shop using only the best equipment available and is very safe and forgiving.


The spares for this car include six extra wheels with tires (the four tires on the car and four of the spares will probably make a fourteen hour race, so you won't have to buy tires right away), brake pads, hub bearings, calipers, control arms, etc. I have well over $2000 invested in spares alone. I have a set of Kenwood radios with programming software and new batteries that will go with the deal, and I also have ten fuel jugs that I might throw in, plus spare engine pieces such as blocks and heads and a spare trans that go as well.


Anyone who knows the history of this car knows that I spent a lot of time doing research and re-engineering critical things in order to make this car competitive. It will hold it's own all day long against more powerful cars in the series. It's basically ready to run, and if you are ready to go racing this will be the easiest way to get going without having to do a complete build. All pertinent paperwork, including the logbook and a bill of sale will accompany the car.


Asking $10,000 OBO for everything, but I'm flexible and willing to negotiate. Please call me at 931-six four four-9061 if interested. 




Santus Gore

Mad Hungarian Motorsports



(Note: Some photos courtesy Bill Strong and ChampCar staff.)


FotoJet (1).jpg

NCM 9.jpg

NCM 5.jpg

ncm 20.jpg

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