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Need an NASCAR (helmet) to IMSA (car) adapter


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Just a FYI nascar (helmet) to IMSA does not always work. We don’t offer that unit as we do not want a customer funding it doesn’t work trackside.


always buy a IMSA (helmet kit) that way you will never have a issue as IMSA to nascar works 100% of the time.


Hope this helps, also don’t forget to use your  Champcar 15% Discount.


Cheers, Shawn 

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17 hours ago, Jer said:

I tried a NASCAR to IMSA adapter years ago...it did not work.  The other way always seems to work fine.  Just letting you know.  


Ditto. Some radios (like digital) require the signal ground from the mic (the 4th wire) to function. You wind end up with the listen only option, which for some drivers is an upgrade in both laptime and team cohesiveness....

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