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ChampCar Endurance Series Canada

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CCESC will be run by Canadians using the ChampCar BCCR. Two countries. One rule book. One membership. One class system. One way to endurance race, flat out!

Canadians can race in the USA. And USA members can race in Canada. More details will follow soon. The 2020 schedule is being built and a North American Challenge Cup is being sorted. 


More information will follow in the coming weeks.

September 1, the 2020 BCCR will be released for everyone to review so they can start building their cars to race with ChampCar in both the USA and Canada.



CCESC sera géré par des Canadiens utilisant le ChampCar BCCR. Deux pays. Un livre de règles. Une adhésion. Un système de classe. Une façon de faire de l'endurance, à fond!

Les Canadiens peuvent concourir aux États-Unis. Et les membres des États-Unis peuvent participer au Canada. Plus de détails suivront bientôt. L’horaire 2020 est en cours de construction et une Challenge Cup nord-américaine est en cours de traitement.

Plus d'informations suivront dans les prochaines semaines.

Le 1er septembre, le BCCR 2020 sera publié pour que tout le monde puisse le consulter afin qu'il puisse commencer à construire ses voitures pour pouvoir courir avec ChampCar aux États-Unis et au Canada.





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4 minutes ago, rod rammage said:

Please announce that you will be at Area 27 next year. Please? :) Pretty Please? :)  :)  


hehe hehehehe. 


It's like this... We need cars racing. That's how you build the series to go to the tracks you guys want.

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1 hour ago, rod rammage said:

With the cheap Canadian peso, the Pacific Northwest teams would be all over this event. A nice welcome home to the wayward PNW teams that seem to have gravitated elsewhere?

Can you explain the economics? I don’t understood how a “weak” or “strong” currency makes a difference in a situation like this. 

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10 hours ago, thewheelerZ said:

Bill Strong giving economics lessons... we're doomed before we even got started. :(;) 


I lived in the UK for about 11 years,  back when every European country had its own currency, and you payed the markets to make your travel cheaper. The dollar was strong in those days, so travel was cheap. 

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Calabogie is a must visit track. I have raced there twice and want to go back. 
I love that place. the people are awesome. the track is insane fun. 

I think it is up by the arctic circle too!

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